Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Electric Fence Training

Before letting a calf out into a field for the first time you have to train him for the electric fence. To train him you need to have him halter broke first.

Then lead him out into the field and get close to the fence. Let the calf have some slack on his halter and see if he tries to go through the fence . If he hits the fence and gets shocked don't let him get through, pull him back. Do this a couple more time until he won't walk into the fence. The next day do it again. You should do this for about 3 days. Then turn him into the field and he shouldn't try to go through the fence. If he does try then repeat the training some more.  It is best to do this at a young age where you can handle him if he tries to run. Baby cows or steers are like little kids and have to be trained too.

Halter Training or Halter Breaking