Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bryan's Bass Lure

These are the thing's you need to make Bryan's Bass Lure.
a paper clip.
a treble hook.
a pair of scissors some 8lb test line.

Step 1
Bend one side of the paper clip until it breaks in the middle. Then straiten it as much as you can, it doesnt have to be perfect.

Step 2
Make a little loop/hook at one end of the straight piece.

Step 3
Cut about 10 inches on your roll of line ,then tie it to the loop of your paper clip.

Step 4
Poke the straight end of the paper clip into the worm.

Step 5
Push the piece of paper clip about half way into the worm.

Step 6
Push the straight end of the paperclip out of the top side of the worm back and pull it out a couple inches.

Step 7
Cut the line off the paper clip and put the clip to the side you don't need it anymore.

Step 8
Tie your treble hook onto the line and cut the knot tag off  make sure the knot is pulled tight.

Step 9
Then pull the line until the treble hook is inside the hole were the clip came out. Now you're ready to fish.
This is what it should look like when its done.

Part of living on a farm can include fishing for food and sport.

All Photos taken by Bryan.


Simply Deb said...

Bryan, this is an awesome tutorial! Anyone could follow your step-by-step instructions with these wonderful pics. Keep it up!

Patrice Campbell said...

Great how to article. "Even a cave man could do it" With the pics and step by step instructions, I would be comfortable doing this project.