Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Electric Fence Training

Before letting a calf out into a field for the first time you have to train him for the electric fence. To train him you need to have him halter broke first.

Then lead him out into the field and get close to the fence. Let the calf have some slack on his halter and see if he tries to go through the fence . If he hits the fence and gets shocked don't let him get through, pull him back. Do this a couple more time until he won't walk into the fence. The next day do it again. You should do this for about 3 days. Then turn him into the field and he shouldn't try to go through the fence. If he does try then repeat the training some more.  It is best to do this at a young age where you can handle him if he tries to run. Baby cows or steers are like little kids and have to be trained too.

Halter Training or Halter Breaking

Monday, September 20, 2010

What is a Flank Strap Used For?

When bull ridiing a bull must buck, well how does he buck?  A flank strap is what you need to make a bull buck and a flank strap is a rope or can be a leather strap that goes around the waist of the bull.

Put the strap tight enough so it doesn't come off BUT loose enough were he think's he can kick it off. The strap does not have anything to irritate the bull. Now when putting the strap on you want the bull to be in a headlock or squeeze chute. So he cant go anywhere.

Whenever the rider has been bucked off it is time to take the strap off so it doesn't make a blister on the bull. If you cant get the bull out of the arena you have to rope him and put him back into a headlock and get the strap off.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Saddle a Western Horse

Before you saddle a horse you should groom your horses back with a soft brush. Get off any dirt ,sand or anything that will bother the horses back after you put the saddle on. After brushing put the saddle blanket on and put it up on the withers. Make sure the blanket is straight.

Then grab your saddle and put hook the right stirrup on the horn, then walk to the left side of the horse and gently throw the saddle on her back. ALWAYS saddle from the left side. Now check your saddle and make sure there is no belt's or strings under the saddle. Now reach under the horseand grab the girth,and hook it to the cinch strap, the girth should be hand width from the horses shoulder and then you pull it tight.

Now you grab the bridle and take your horses halter and buckle it on her neck so she doesn't walk away. Slip the bridle over her nose and then take the ear piece and put it behind her ears. Then take the cheek strap and buckle it until you can fit 4 fingers betwen her cheek and the strap. Then go check the cinch strap agin and make sure it's tight . Now take the halter off her neck and you're ready to ride.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bryan's Bass Lure

These are the thing's you need to make Bryan's Bass Lure.
a paper clip.
a treble hook.
a pair of scissors some 8lb test line.

Step 1
Bend one side of the paper clip until it breaks in the middle. Then straiten it as much as you can, it doesnt have to be perfect.

Step 2
Make a little loop/hook at one end of the straight piece.

Step 3
Cut about 10 inches on your roll of line ,then tie it to the loop of your paper clip.

Step 4
Poke the straight end of the paper clip into the worm.

Step 5
Push the piece of paper clip about half way into the worm.

Step 6
Push the straight end of the paperclip out of the top side of the worm back and pull it out a couple inches.

Step 7
Cut the line off the paper clip and put the clip to the side you don't need it anymore.

Step 8
Tie your treble hook onto the line and cut the knot tag off  make sure the knot is pulled tight.

Step 9
Then pull the line until the treble hook is inside the hole were the clip came out. Now you're ready to fish.
This is what it should look like when its done.

Part of living on a farm can include fishing for food and sport.

All Photos taken by Bryan.