Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Saddle a Western Horse

Before you saddle a horse you should groom your horses back with a soft brush. Get off any dirt ,sand or anything that will bother the horses back after you put the saddle on. After brushing put the saddle blanket on and put it up on the withers. Make sure the blanket is straight.

Then grab your saddle and put hook the right stirrup on the horn, then walk to the left side of the horse and gently throw the saddle on her back. ALWAYS saddle from the left side. Now check your saddle and make sure there is no belt's or strings under the saddle. Now reach under the horseand grab the girth,and hook it to the cinch strap, the girth should be hand width from the horses shoulder and then you pull it tight.

Now you grab the bridle and take your horses halter and buckle it on her neck so she doesn't walk away. Slip the bridle over her nose and then take the ear piece and put it behind her ears. Then take the cheek strap and buckle it until you can fit 4 fingers betwen her cheek and the strap. Then go check the cinch strap agin and make sure it's tight . Now take the halter off her neck and you're ready to ride.