Monday, September 20, 2010

What is a Flank Strap Used For?

When bull ridiing a bull must buck, well how does he buck?  A flank strap is what you need to make a bull buck and a flank strap is a rope or can be a leather strap that goes around the waist of the bull.

Put the strap tight enough so it doesn't come off BUT loose enough were he think's he can kick it off. The strap does not have anything to irritate the bull. Now when putting the strap on you want the bull to be in a headlock or squeeze chute. So he cant go anywhere.

Whenever the rider has been bucked off it is time to take the strap off so it doesn't make a blister on the bull. If you cant get the bull out of the arena you have to rope him and put him back into a headlock and get the strap off.